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Rychus Rydz Inc.

We are a charitable non-profit 501(3) (c) agency in good standing with the State of Tennessee. Rychus Rydz Inc., an organization headquartered in Nashville, TN. We make a difference by providing services such as litter removal/aesthetics in neighborhoods, hosting food/ blood drives for the community and nonviolent offenders. Rychus Rydz Inc. is striving to effect change in a positive way.

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Rychus Rydz Inc.*

Rychus Rydz Mission is to help & serve while having fun doing it!*

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The future of the Rychus Rydz Inc. endeavors to function as an entity that can provide educational resources, counseling, and parenting programs for adult men to aid them & reintegrate themselves back into family life. We are implementing programs for displaced families and we assist adults who are first time non- violent offenders. Our sole aim is to reach our community with a positive message. The Rychus Rydz organization is about changing lives, rebuilding communities, feeding the hungry and giving hope to the hopeless. As our mission statement best describes our purpose which is to help to serve and to have fun doing it.

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